Operations & HR Management (BN-72512)

This is the second of three courses in our 12-month MasterCourse program. The MasterCourse program is designed for business professionals who want to sharpen their skills as a coordinator, supervisor, or manager seeking to earn the credential necessary for the next career stage.

Each course of study (Trimester) is very affordable at 4 monthly payment of $75.

+ Course of study in Trimester 1: Contemporary Skills in Business and Managing
+ Course of study in Trimester 2: Operations and HR Management
+ Course of study in Trimester 3: Marketing and Information Systems

The student earns the Professional Certificate in Business after each Trimester is completed.

After successful completion of all trimesters in this 12-month program, the learner is awarded a MasterCourse Diploma in Business and Entrepreneurship.

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The Meridian Global BSI Faculty
  • Required Textbook
  • The MasterCourse as Professional Development
  • Section 1: The Contemporary Business World
  • Major Topics: Chapters 1 thru 5
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed